Don’t be the last to get paid out

Unsecured creditors are those companies or individuals who, because they do not have comprehensive, up-to-date business documentation, end up at the bottom of the priority list in the legal process of a liquidation. On the other hand, a secured creditor gets paid first in case of bankruptcy or liquidation and is protected from having money clawed back as a voidable transaction. Being paid first in the event of a liquidation and not having to fight liquidators for funds you already received months ago is the difference security interests can bring.


The Personal Property Securities Register introduced in 2002, brought an advantage for companies who use this tool, as many large businesses do. By registering security interests, you are putting your business in the best position to be paid if a client owing you money goes into liquidation. By registering as a secured creditor, you have a greater chance of being paid than not registering or being an unsecured creditor by default.


If you are an unsecured creditor and have been paid from a company that goes into liquidation even months later, you are at risk of having the money you have already been paid challenged back as a voidable transaction. Section 292 of the Companies Act 1993 provides a liquidator with the right to send you a letter or voidable transaction notice giving you 20 working days to respond to the liquidator’s challenge, leading to legal expenses or, in some cases, the money being successfully clawed back.


As part of our services, we set up your Personal Property Securities Register account with you and provide full training on how and when to Register to get the best possible protection plan in place for your business. We also offer ongoing support and assistance to you so you can confidently move forward in business as a secured creditor.


Get in touch with us today to become a secured creditor.

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Get notified when a client’s credit position or details change. Set the alert criteria by selecting the Alert Monitor Types, and you’re only charged $3.45 (including GST) if an Alert Monitor is triggered. Centrix will email your nominated email address within seconds of an Alert Monitor being triggered.
Brooke Ahern
Lower North Island Manager

Based on the Kapiti Coast in Wellington, with over ten years of success as a strategic, hands-on leader, Brooke Ahern brings a wealth of experience over his career, driving innovative revenue growth and profitability for his organisations. As Brooke progressed through his career, he developed a reputation for being creative and executing high-profile product marketing and growth strategies. These have significantly impacted an organisation’s bottom line.

After ten years of management experience ranging from business development manager to chief revenue officer for a large company, Brooke joined Debt Free Limited in 2022 after observing and experiencing the difficulties in obtaining and managing business documentation. Brooke saw an opportunity to provide New Zealand businesses with industry-leading credit-checking tools and documentation they need to mitigate/prevent future risk.

Brooke has a proven record of going above and beyond for his clients, and we are excited to have him a part of the team here at Debt Free

[email protected] | 0212262563

Mark McLachlan

Mark is an expert with ten years of experience dealing exclusively with business documentation and credit management processes. He has completed a New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services Level 5 qualification and consulted with thousands of companies, saving his clients millions.

Mark founded Debt Free in 2021 as he is passionate about helping New Zealand companies to succeed and flourish by getting paid their hard-earned money while avoiding typical issues faced in their industry. He has immense knowledge of real-life cases and how tailored credit management processes can prevent debt, address the unique demands of a wide range of industries, and remove risks and liabilities relevant to business activities.

Attending association and organisation speeches, Mark is a respected figure in the credit management industry and is a member of the New Zealand credit and finance institute.

[email protected].nz | 021 283 9027

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[email protected] | 0212839027

Josh Whitehouse
South Island Manager

Growing up in Taranaki, Josh worked in business consulting for eight years, delivering successful solutions to his clients before relocating to Christchurch and joining Debt Free in early 2022 to look after the beautiful South Island.

Josh is a trusted and valued team member specialising in business documentation, business development, credit management and account management. He has helped the companies he consulted with to implement best practice credit management processes and saved individual clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. Josh entered this space for one reason, his absolute love and adoration for people and a passion for helping others to achieve greatness in business and life.

Josh’s business motto is “there is untapped greatness in all of us. Sometimes we just need a little help to cultivate it.”

[email protected].nz0272722132


Rana searle
Office Manager

Rana started as an Office Manager when she was only a teenager and has extensive experience across many different industries, including building, horticulture and healthcare. She is a great communicator, an avid list maker, and always plans things well in advance.

Rana is super helpful, caring and kind and is a perfectionist when it comes to documentation. She has an incredible eye for detail and thrives on getting stuck in and succeeding. Rana prides herself on being people-focused, loves motivating others to be their best and always puts her client’s needs first as she genuinely cares and wants the best outcome.

Rana is always smiling, has a proven track record, is a natural-born leader who loves managing a team and genuinely loves to help whenever and wherever she can. She is passionate about our purpose to make sure New Zealand businesses flourish and grow. Rana loves being able to help the people behind those businesses feel safe and secure to succeed and is a big part of the Debt Free team.

[email protected] | 0212226425